How to Become a Bird Charger

Bird scooters are used by riders over the course of the day. At the end of the day, most of the scooters have low battery, so Bird needs someone to charge these scooters.

Bird has 10s of thousands of scooters so they employ contract chargers to pick up scooters and charge them in their homes every night.

As a Bird charger, you will get access to their map where you can view scooters that are ready to charge and how much Bird will pay you to pick up and charge the scooter. (You can use that map or our map here.)

The best chargers make up to $1,000 / day but you should expect to make closer to $20-30 / hour.

Getting Approved Quickly

You will need to wait for Bird to approve you as a charger and send you charging cables before you can make money by capturing scooters.

Bird prioritizes cities where they need people to charge scooters. That means Bird scooters have to be in your city. If you apply and you live in Manhattan, where scooters are banned, you will not get approved.

Bird wants to get a lot of chargers as soon as they move to a new city. So if you apply earlier, you will have a stronger chance of getting approved. And as soon as Bird moves in, you will be able to make the most, easy money because there will be less chargers to compete against.

  1. Ensure Bird is in your city or is planning on coming to your city
  2. Apply earlier rather than later

Here are the current cities that Bird is operating in:

Sign Up On Bird’s Website

Begin by the process by clicking this link:

The first screen of the Bird Charger application process

Download the Bird App

Bird will text you a link to download the Bird app onto your phone. Clicking on that link will download the Bird app and launch you into the second part of the application.

Shipping Address

You need to enter an address where you can receive charging cables.

Note: this is another data point that Bird will use to decide if you should be approved as a charger. If all of the scooters are in downtown and you put an address that is far outside the city, it is unlikely you will get approved. So if you are on vacation, definitely don’t put down your vacation address 🙂

Tax Information

You will be hired as a part-time contractor so Bird will need to file a W-9 form on your behalf to the IRS. Here you will give your social security number and birth date so that Bird can fill out that W-9. Payment Information

Bird will use Stripe to pay you.

Note: we recommend entering a debit card instead of a bank account. Stripe does not support instant payouts to a bank account, so if you enter in your bank account you will not be eligible for same day payment.


Nope, that’s not a typo, we really did skip Step 4… If anyone knows what Step 4 is, please let us know!

Here you will click through a few screens that will show you how to find, charge, and release Birds.

Since Bird is worried about your status as a contractor, they don’t have any quizzes or more involved training. If Bird provided more training they would be endanger of you claiming employee status and associated benefits.

So you can click through this screen quickly.

Power Supplies Page

On Step 6 out of 6, you will just need to accept the $10 deposit for the charging cords that Bird will send you. They will not charge your card, so you can go ahead and click Agree without any worry.

The charger cords they send you are worth more than $10 on the secondary market. And while Bird asks you not to sell your charging cords, some people do…Wait and Hope

This is the most frustrating stage by far. Here you will need to wait for Bird to approve you as a charger and send you charging cords.

Bird could approve you as fast as one or two days in a new city or you may never get approved if there are too many chargers or if Bird gets kicked out of your city.

Good luck out there, Bird hunter!

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      No better time to start than now! Learn how to be a Super Charger here:


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    Looking forward to becoming a charger. This was a terrific idea and is helping the community and is a fun way of commuting. Support your local bird!!!


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