How to Become a Lime Juicer

Lime scooters are used by riders over the course of the day. At the end of the day, most of the scooters have low battery, so Lime needs someone to charge these scooters.

Lime has 10s of thousands of scooters so they employ contract chargers to pick up scooters and charge them in their homes every night.

As a Lime juicer, you will get access to their map where you can view scooters that are ready to charge and how much Lime will pay you to pick up and charge the scooter. (You can use that map or our map here.)

The best chargers make up to $1,000 / day but you should expect to make closer to $20-30 / hour.

Getting Approved Quickly

You will need to wait for Lime to approve you as a charger and send you charging cables before you can make money by capturing scooters.

Lime prioritizes cities where they need people to charge scooters. That means Lime scooters have to be in your city. If you apply and you live in Manhattan, where scooters are banned, you will not get approved.

Lime wants to get a lot of chargers as soon as they move to a new city. So if you apply earlier, you will have a stronger chance of getting approved. And as soon as Lime moves in, you will be able to make the most, easy money because there will be less chargers to compete against.

  1. Ensure Lime is in your city or is planning on coming to your city
  2. Apply earlier rather than later

Below is a sample of the current cities that Lime is operating in. But not all of theses cities have scooters. Lime started with bikes and Lime juicers cannot charge Lime’s bikes. For the full list, check out their site here:

Sign Up On Lime’s Website

Begin by the process by clicking this link:

Requirements Form

If you are in a zip code that Lime wants chargers, you will be redirected to a website where you can fill out your information. If Lime is not yet in your zip code, you will be contacted by Lime when they plan on coming to your area.

You will need a checking account / debit card, phone, and be older than 18.

Bank Account and Driver’s License

Complete Course

You will then go thru a 5 step course where you will learn how to pick up, charge, and serve Lime scooters.

After the course is done, you will need to wait for a text or email with next steps.

Sign Juicer Agreement

You’ll have to sign a form that will define the legal relationship between you and lime.

Now you will need to wait for Lime to send you a text / email about charging cords.

Wait for Charging Cords

You will have to wait for Lime to follow up with you. This is the hard part, and you can’t predict how long it will take. In a city Lime is just entering, it could be days, but in an established market it could be weeks or months or maybe you’ll never hear from them.

Good luck out there, Juicer!

Scooter Map has spun out a new company: Spring!

Spring makes it easy to start a scooter or bike rental company by providing all of the software, hardware, and support you need. 

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