Bird Opens the Scooter Flood Gates

Big news out today from one of the leaders in the fast-growing electric scooter market. Founded in late 2017, Bird just released their newest thing: Bird Platform. This new venture allows independent operators to own and manage their own scooter fleets, all with the help of the Bird Platform.

Bird Platform is pretty straight forward, but let us break it down for you. 

Choose Your Logo

As a fleet manager, you get to brand the scooters however you wish. Simply upload your desired logo and color sleeve, and Bird will take care of the rest. Side note: you will be responsible for covering the cost of permit fees in your city.

Customize Your Website

Participation in Bird Platform comes with a service fee, but the fee covers the cost of a completely customized website for your fleet.

Gain Access to Charger Marketplace

Bird will provide you with everything you’ll need to manage chargers for your fleet. This includes mechanic resources, networks of chargers, and more.

Costs for Fleet Managers

Specific fees were not outlined in Bird’s preliminary announcement for Bird Platform, but we know this much: you will have to cover permit fees, you will purchase Bird Zero model scooters at a cost, and you will pay Bird a service fee on each scooter ride once you are set up.

Other Facts about Bird Platform

There is no minimum fleet size, so you can manage as few as two scooters! Bird Platform will take off in December. Bird claims to have over 300 interested parties to participate once they go live.

All sounds pretty interesting, right?

You can’t get started immediately, but you can sign up to join the waitlist by emailing

Learn more about how Scooter Map is solving charging at scootermap.comand visit our blog at Finally, learn how to become a Bird charger in our latest blog post.

Happy charging!

Sources: TechCrunch,

1 thought on “Bird Opens the Scooter Flood Gates

  1. Aaron guydosh

    So will bird use their current chargers and mechanics to service these scooters or the individual owners have to employ there own people who will be only working on those specific company scooters. Example Joe starts Joe’s scooters will they be on the bird map for me to fix if damaged or will I also need to be hired from Joe to fix them at maybe a different pay scale


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