Report Issues With Scooters and Identify Hoarders

Scooter Map has allowed you to mark scooters as missing, but today we are stepping it up. 

Now, you can report an issue with a scooter and choose from one of four options:

  • Missing Scooter — you visited the spot and didn’t see the scooter there
  • Inside Building — if we see a lot of these in an area, we will know that there is a hoarder
  • Broken Scooter — you can’t scan it because the scooter is broken
  • Other — let us know what the issue is

Today when you click on a scooter, you can see how many issues other chargers have reported. We are working on giving you even more information without clicking on each scooter.

Coming Soon:

  • See areas with suspected hoarders on the map
  • Filter by scooters that have been marked as missing

Let us know if you have any other feedback in the comments below!

7 thoughts on “Report Issues With Scooters and Identify Hoarders

  1. Andy

    Recently became a Bird charger. Love this app and service.
    Hoarders suck. They are literally going to suck the profits out of this business model and make it difficult in the future.

    Any how, if there could be a filter that would remove any scooters that are not showing near a roadway that may be helpful.

    Also filtering scooters that are moving. Meaning their location is hopping from update to update. Meaning that they are in the back of a truck. This would help eliminate the ghost trail that shows up because the dozen scooters are dropping breadcrumbs down a major road, that look like an easy pickup.

    Showing the location history on a scooter would be good too. So that way a charger could see the last 3 or 5 positions. If they are all in the same place, scooter isn’t moving.

    Thanks again.


    1. Thanks Andy!

      Working on some of these tools to make it easier to identify scooters that aren’t available 🙂


  2. Jonathan

    I would like to be able to see when it was last marked missing. I can see how many missing reports their were but not when the last one was. Reason would be that if it was marked missing recently then it is pretty trustworthy, however if it has been 10 hours then it is possible the person has finally put it outside the house to be picked up. Thanks!


    1. Working on something here…


    2. For now all missing reports are w/in the last two days


  3. Dawn

    I love this app, but it takes up a lot of data and takes forever to load. Sometimes it freezes up my phone completely. My phone sucks either way though, so maybe it’s just me… If so, is there anything that I can do (besides use filters) to make it faster and overload less, or is this something you are going to fix eventually bc it’s common?


    1. We are working to make all of the apps faster.

      What’s your phone / OS? I’m guessing Android…


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