See Hoarded Scooters on Scooter Map

Finding out that a scooter is inside a house or behind a gate is extremely frustrating.

There are many reasons these scooters end up where they shouldn’t be. Sometimes it’s a rider who wants the scooter for their next ride. Or the scooter could have been left in an area that is only accessible during certain hours.

But often it’s a more unfortunate reason: hoarders and vandals. Hoarders hide scooters with the hope that the charge bounty goes up and the hoarder will get a big payout. Vandals often try retrofitting scooters to use as personal vehicles.

In all of these cases, you are driving to pick up scooters that you can’t get. You’re spending time to not make any money. It sucks.

Starting today in Scooter Map, you can see on the map where other chargers have marked scooters as “Inside Building or Behind Gate”.

Once an other charger marks a scooter as “Inside Building or Behind Gate”, it will show up on your map as a purple dot with an X.

And here is how you can mark a scooter as “Inside Building or Behind Gate” to contribute to the charger community’s knowledge:

Another helpful feature to detect scooters that are inside is our satellite view. To enable satellite view, click filter, find “Map Type” and choose either “Satellite” or “Hybrid”. Here’s what “Hybrid” looks like:

You can see clearly from this screen grab that the GPS is reporting that scooters are inside houses. While GPS is only correct to about ten feet, you can get an idea if a scooter is likely in someone’s house.

This is just step one. Soon we will show you how confident we are that a scooter is where it says it is.

We have seen some people in the charger groups online talk about confronting hoarders. Please never confront a hoarder or seek them out. Charging is a great way to make money, get some exercise and have some fun. It’s not worth getting in a dispute with another charger. Thanks!

2 thoughts on “See Hoarded Scooters on Scooter Map

  1. Mason

    A glorious moment last night came when I went in search of some scooters being hoarded. Looking at the map, it just looked like they were in the middle of an apartment complex. Got there and they were all behind some guy’s little fenced in are…but he had left the gate open and the padlock open for some reason. I quickly scanned them all and rode them back to my car around the corner.

    Fastest $120 for 6 scooters I’ve ever made. I wish I could have seen his face…


  2. […] Scooter Map, you can see scooters that have been marked as hoarded on the map. Avoid areas with reports of hoarded scooters so that you don’t waste your time looking for […]


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