Get Notifications for Scooters Nearby

Our Super Charger program helps chargers make more money. 

Super Chargers choose up to 10 locations to get notifications for scooters showing up on the map as ready to charge. So instead of checking the apps all day, you’ll simply get a notification to pick up a nearby scooter. Easy money. 

When you track a location, we will check that location every 5 minutes and send you a notification as soon as we see a scooter there that was not been on the map in the last hour. 

For each location, we look at the closest 50 scooters to that location or the closest mile around the location. In an area with a lot of scooters, we will look at the closest 50 scooters. In an area with less scooters, we will look at all scooters within a mile of your tracked location. 

There have been some bugs around marking scooters that we see as new scooters. This week, we deployed a fix to our notification system to ensure that you got notified of all new scooters near your tracked locations.

Setting Up Your Tracked Location

  1. Open app, go to Profile Tab, click “Add Tracked Location”
  2. Enter in your address
  3. Choose which companies that you want to keep track of
  4. Sit back and wait for the notifications for nearby scooters to come in

We also made a video on setting up tracked locations that gives an overview of the process:

2 thoughts on “Get Notifications for Scooters Nearby

  1. Is there a way to make it more than a mile? That’s really not that big of an area. Maybe 5 miles? Thanks


    1. Not yet, but we are working on giving you more options!


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