Where is that Scooter? — Introducing Likelihood Score

When looking at the charger map, you want to know which scooters are actually there! Don’t waste your time going after a $20 scooter that isn’t there in the real world. No matter what the map says, some scooters are just missing.

There are a lot of factors to consider when figuring out if a scooter is actually there. When was the scooter last ridden? Is that an area where people commonly ride scooters? Does it look like it’s in someone’s house or behind a gate?

Doing this for every scooter takes a lot of time that you could be using to pick up more scooters and make more money.

Our likelihood score predicts how likely a scooter is where the map says it is. We look at different factors including last trip, last GPS, etc. Click on a scooter to see the likelihood score in the bottom right.

The likelihood score can be seen highlighted in red on the bottom right.

We will be continuing to improve our likelihood prediction. Every time you mark a scooter missing or scan in a scooter, our score will get a little smarter.

You can filter based on Likelihood Score from the filter tab.

Head over to the filter tab to exclude scooters that probably aren’t there.

What do you think of the Likelihood Score? Drop a comment in the box ↓.

3 thoughts on “Where is that Scooter? — Introducing Likelihood Score

  1. I can’t see markers on the app. The app says how many scooters are available, but I have to zoom in alot to see the pins. I can only see the detailed pins that list bounty amounts. When I want a broad overall view of the city I can’t see any dots.

    Using Android, pixel 3


  2. You guys did a really Great! Job! On all of this thanks for including this feature I’ll let you guys know if I have any more ideas Thanks!


  3. […] Map provides tools to help you figure out what scooters to try and pick up. We calculate a likelihood score for each scooter that indicates how likely a scooter is where it says it is on the map. You can use […]


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