Set a Radius for Tracked Locations

Scooter Map lets you track locations to notify you about new scooters. This allows you to easily pick up nearby scooters without checking the app all day.

When you track a location, we will look at that location every few minutes and send you a push notification when there is a new scooter available.

Today, we are allowing you to set the radius of your tracked locations. So if you only want to pick up scooters on the block around your home or if you want to venture up to two miles away, we will keep you updated.

Set the radius on a tracked location!

You can now edit your tracked locations from within the Scooter Map app. To edit or remove a tracked location, head over to your profile tab and then click on a tracked location.

Victor made a video tutorial to show how tracked locations work. And this time we figured out how to get the audio working on YouTube! Small wins…

Let us know what you think in the comment box below.

2 thoughts on “Set a Radius for Tracked Locations

  1. Mark Tatum

    I’m not able to set a radius. Was that only available for 1 day??? Or has it not rolled out to every city yet?? Im in lubbock, tx


    1. Your app should be updating so that you have that ability 🙂


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