Scan Scooters to Charge in Scooter Map

At Scooter Map we work to help you make more money charging scooters. That means making it easier for you to find scooters and making it easy to scan them in, charge them, and release them in the morning.

Today, finally, you can scan scooters in Scooter Map. This will allow you to quickly check in scooters from different companies without leaving the Scooter Map app.

Right now we allow you to scan in scooters from Bird and Lime. If you are interested in other companies, shoot us an email.

You can now scan scooters in Scooter Map!

As always, let us know if you have any questions or comments.

4 thoughts on “Scan Scooters to Charge in Scooter Map

  1. ashleyknowles

    Hi, I tried to use this for the first time the other day but it didn’t seem to work; connected my Lime account and then when I scanned it didn’t seem to do anything and didn’t unlock the scooter. Is there any visual representation in the app of the scooter being successfully unlocked, and, is there a the list of scooters we currently have unlocked?


    1. Thanks for that feedback Ashley.

      Right now you’ll need to use the Lime app to see your inventory list. But we are working on adding that.

      When a scooter is successfully scanned, the app should pop up letting you know. I’ll look into why that didn’t happen

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  2. Casey White

    I tried using the scan feature last night with a Lime scooter but even though my account is linked, I kept getting a pop up message telling me that I needed to link my Lime account before I could scan the scooter. Any ideas??


    1. Hi Casey, there are definitely some bugs we still need to work out…

      I’ll look into that 🙂


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