Ring Scooters from Scooter Map

While we all love GPS, it’s not always 100% accurate. And even if the GPS is accurate and the scooter is in the area, the point on the map is not going to tell you if the scooter is behind a tree or around the corner.

Today you can ring (or alarm or chirp, whatever you want to call it) scooters in Scooter Map!

Click on a scooter and next to the bounty symbol in the top left you will see a bell icon.

The bell icon in the top left will ring a scooter allowing you to locate it.

When you click on the bell, we will send a request to ring the alarm on the scooter. Listen for the alarm and use your bat-like echolocation skills to find the scooter.

Ringing in action. You’ll get a notification on the top of the screen after the ring request succeeds / fails.

Right now we only support ringing Bird scooters. Lime and other companies will be coming soon.

What should we build next? Drop a comment below.

Scooter Map has spun out a new company: Spring!

Spring makes it easy to start a scooter or bike rental company by providing all of the software, hardware, and support you need. 

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