Hardware Every Scooter Charger Should Have

Just as being a professional runner requires training shoes and a proper watch, being a scooter charger requires some basic gear as well.

If you’ve recently been accepted as a charger, you’ll want to stock up on some basics to make sure you’re protected, safe, and most importantly, ready to maximize your earnings and pick up the most scooters. Check out our recommendations below:

1. Charging cords

This is perhaps the most obvious one, but you will need some charging cords in order to actually recharge the scooters once you pick them up. As a new charger with Bird or Lime, you receive three chargers for free, but if you want to maximize your charging capacity, you’ll want to order a few more. Check out the Scooter Map charger store to snag a few extra.

2. Heavy duty tarps

If you’re using your own car to pick up scooters throughout your city and you don’t want to destroy the interior with dirt, you should order a quality tarp. Not only do scooters get dirty throughout the day, but moving them around the trunk or on the seats could leave marks that are difficult to remove.

3. Cheap towels

During rainy or snowy days, scooters will be wet and often times more dirty, so having a few cheap throwaway towels will help you wipe them down before loading them into your car or house. These are easy to wash and reuse, and will save you tons of money on upholstery maintenance.

4. Bright flashlight

Unless you’re capturing scooters in Iceland during the summer months where the sun doesn’t set until 1am, you’ll probably want to carry a heavy duty flashlight for dark nights. Since most scooters aren’t available for capture until after 9 p.m., be sure to keep a flashlight on hand in order to spot scooters more easily.

5. Yellow safety vest

6. Outdoor utility wagon

This one might sound weird, but hear us out. If you’re trying to capture more than 4 scooters in one night, you’ll probably want to park your car in a central location and gather scooters on foot. Sometimes called a garden wagon, or a utility wagon, you’ll want to invest in some type of wagon to help transport scooters from their location on the street to your car.

7. Hand sanitizer

Always keep some hand sanitizer on hand to disinfect yourself after handling germ-riddled scooters.

Be sure to check out the Scooter Map charger store to stock up on extra charging cords and reflective vests for maximum safety at night.

For more information about becoming a scooter charger or for advice on how to get started, check out the Scooter Map blog!

Scooter Map has spun out a new company: Spring!

Spring makes it easy to start a scooter or bike rental company by providing all of the software, hardware, and support you need. 

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