How to Create the Perfect Scooter Nest

Before you get ready to release your first fleet of scooters, you need to know how to arrange the perfect nest in order to ensure you get paid your full bounty. Follow the simple steps in this guide to create your first perfect scooter nest!

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Once you’ve claimed your nest or drop-off location, follow these simple steps to create your perfect nest:

1. After you’ve arrived at the nest location, begin unloading and untangling your scooters.

Tangled scooters = bad.

Your scooter app will determine how many scooters you can drop off at one location, so be sure to only unload the scooters you’ll need to create your first nest.

2. Place each scooter in a line at the nest location with the kickstands down. Make sure to space the scooters about 10 inches apart from each other.

This spacing will ensure that the scooters are not taking up too much space, but also not piled on top of each other. You don’t need to bring a ruler, but try to keep them close enough together.

3. Make sure all of the scooters are angled in the same direction.

Double check the spacing between scooters and ensure they are close enough together without touching.

The scooter companies care about the presentation of their scooters out in the public, and you are one of the best ways they ensure their scooters aren’t causing a nuisance.

Angling the scooters all in the same direction will not only help riders access these scooters more easily, but it will also prevent them from falling over and blocking a pedestrian walkway.

4. Face the handlebars to the left

Make sure the QR code is visible.

5. Double check to make sure the scooters are equally spaced so that they don’t all fall over if one gets knocked.

We’ve all seen the pictures of scooters sprawled out along sidewalks in parking zones. Don’t be that guy. Double check your scooter placement to prevent any unnecessary injuries to those around the nest.

6. Take a picture of the nest and upload it to your scooter app.

Use the photo app on your phone to upload a photo into your scooter app.

7. Time to cash in, you’re done!

For more details on how to release scooters once you’ve charged them, check out our step-by-step blog post.

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1 thought on “How to Create the Perfect Scooter Nest

  1. Kurt Woloch

    Is this how a nest gets “created”? I thought it would get created by the scooter company and it algorithm and then filled by chargers. I think in the last days I put a lot of thought of how to “create” hubs and nests in a sense of finding locations and estimate capacities for them, but that’s probably a different topic…


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