Find Lime Scooters to Move in Scooter Map

Lime now has two task types: charge and move.

For scooters to charge, you know the drill — take them home, charge them, and then put them out the next morning.

For scooters to move, you don’t need to take home the scooter. Instead, you drop off the scooter at a nearby LimeBase. Scooters to move are often available during the day.

Here’s what this looks like in Lime’s app:

Today, you can see these scooters in Scooter Map:

Lime scooter to move in Scooter Map. You can see the task type “Move” next to the eye icon.

Lime has several reasons they want to see scooters at a LimeBase. If they are broken, Lime mechanics at the base repair the scooters. For Segway scooters, Lime has had issues with batteries overheating and requires the scooters to be charged by employees at warehouses.

We have added a new filter to toggle between scooters to move and scooters to charge.

New filter for scooters to Charge vs scooters to Move.

Let us know what you think and what other companies / tasks you’d like to see in Scooter Map.

Scooter Map has spun out a new company: Spring!

Spring makes it easy to start a scooter or bike rental company by providing all of the software, hardware, and support you need. 

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