5 Tips on Charging Scooters Within Scooter Map

At Scooter Map, we’re committed to helping you earn more money. That’s why we’ve gathered a few top tips to make more money charging scooters in your area.

1. Charge With Friends

Not only will bringing friends along while you’re charging will help improve your efficiency and speed, but it’s also more fun! If you have a friend who’s willing to tag along on a night of charging, you can divide up the work to pick up more scooters and take home more money.

We suggest having one person scan and the other can navigate around the neighborhood. Since you’ll be able to maximize your efficiency, you should be able to take home more money, even if you’re splitting it with a friend.

2. Stick to Neighborhoods You Know

Sticking to familiar neighborhoods is another way to move quick and pick up more scooters throughout the night. Unless you see that there are no available scooters on your normal route, we suggest picking the same routes every night so you can stay focused.

Scooter Map easily helps you find an optimal route so you can maximize your earnings based on scooter availability. We pair the optimal route with a Likelihood Score so you can predict your earnings for the night.

3. Pick the Optimal Time to Collect Your Scooters

There are a few ways to figure out the right time to pick up scooters. First, make sure you are utilizing our notifications feature so you can determine what time of day scooters get released for charging. The more scooters are ridden, the faster their batteries get depleted and the faster you get to pick up scooters to charge. If you live in high usage areas, scooters will often be available before 9pm, so make sure you’re checking Scooter Map

The more you charge, the faster you’ll notice trends in your neighborhoods so you can be the quickest charger to pick up your scooters.

4. Set Notifications

Setting up scooter notifications is the best way to maximize your earnings if you’re available during the day. Scooter Map makes that super easy for you — all you need to do is login to your Super Charger account and choose up to 10 tracked locations to receive notifications.

You can also set a radius up to two miles from you desired location, depending on how far you’re willing to travel. We call this our easy money feature. Once you have notifications set up, you’ll never miss a nearby scooter and you’re guaranteed to bring in more cash each night.

5. Make Sure you Have All the Hardware you Need

A while back, we wrote a blog post on all of the hardware chargers need. We’re not sure if you saw it, so we’re plugging it again, but only because we think you really need it. Though charging scooters doesn’t require too many resources, in order to stay safe AND maximize your efficiency, you’ll need a few things to start.

Lucky for you, we sell all of the hardware you’ll need in our Charger Store, so be sure to check it out to have a happier charging experience.

If you found these tips helpful and you want to learn more about our Super Charger program, sign up here to start earning more today!

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