Lime is Bullying Scooter Map

I started Scooter Map to make it easy to find scooters and bikes. First, I focused on helping gig-worker chargers make more money each hour. Later, I expanded the rider side.

Lime, apparently, doesn’t like Scooter Map because Lime wants to be the only scooter company you use. Lime has sent Cease and Desist letters to Scooter Map and has petitioned Apple to remove Scooter Map from the App Store.

In 2018, Lime gave me a job offer and I met their current CEO. In 2019, I met their CTO who said the Cease and Desist was a mistake. (Lime is now denying what happened in that meeting.)

Yet no one at Lime other than Lime’s Chief Legal Officer has reached out to me. There has been no discussion or sympathy for Lime’s gig-workers who use Scooter Map.

Scooter Map is a small bootstrapped company that’s barely breaking even. Hell, it’s just me right now. I don’t have the money to hire some fancy lawyer to defend Scooter Map in court.

I am running Scooter Map because I believe it’s a valuable service to scooter riders and chargers. Hundreds of gig-worker chargers have told me that Scooter Map has made their job and lives significantly easier. I can’t just abandon them.

Lime has raised $750m+ with the claim that they want to “partner with cities” but instead they are using that money to lock out competitors and to bully small companies.

If you think that it should be easy to see all of your mobility options, that Apple shouldn’t remove helpful apps from the App Store, and that gig workers should be supported then you’re with me.

Note to Scooter Map users: You can still find Lime scooters to ride in Scooter Map. Lime’s to charge are not on Scooter Map right now. If you’d like them back, sign the form.

And if you know any journalists / lawyers who are interested in this kind of David vs Goliath kind of thing, send them our way πŸ˜ƒ.

If you want to reach out to Lime and tell them to not bully Scooter Map, here is contact info:

  • Brad Bao CEO β€”
  • Toby Sun Co-Founder β€”
  • David Richter Chief Business Officer β€”