What’s happening with Lime vs Scooter Map?

This is following up to Lime’s attempt to shut down Scooter Map.

I sent out a petition form asking you to sign if you support Scooter Map and we now have over 1,000 signatures.

Thank you so much to everyone who signed, I read thru all of your comments but I don’t have the ability to respond to everyone personally. But your support is incredibly meaningful. ❤️

We’ve already had coverage in Mashable and CNET. Over the next couple weeks I will write more about Lime’s attack on Scooter Map and how it connects to broader issues.

Here are some topics that I plan on writing about:

  • How ex-Uber employees are leading Lime’s strategy to thwart regulators and aggregators like Scooter Map. How can we learn from what went wrong in ridesharing?
  • What does truly open mobility look like? How can we leverage technology to have safer, cleaner, cheaper mobility? How can technology end up making things worse?
  • What control should Apple exert over the App Store? Is this a company governance question or a free speech question?
  • How should cities regulate mobility and the associated data to ensure equity and improve mobility options?

I tweeted about Lime bullying Scooter Map. If you’re on Twitter, give that a heart or re-tweet to spread the word.

P.S. We’ve updated Lime scooters to just say “L” in the new version of Scooter Map for iOS. I’m not sure if this will appease Apple but I want to make sure we give Scooter Map the best shot of staying in the App Store.

P.P.S This is our first email with a new email provider. So let me know if anything seems off.