50% Discount for ex-Lime Employees Starting Their Own Scooter Company

Lime is pursuing action to shut down Scooter Map, an app that aggregates over different scooter and bike companies to make it easier to find the easiest scooter or bike.

Lime has a history of bad behavior. Lime didn’t tell juicers about battery fires until the news began covering fires in Lime’s warehouses. While Lime scooters were excessively braking and injuring riders, Lime waited to pull scooters off the street until the public got angry.

As citizens and riders, we deserve better than to have a callous corporation funded by Big Tech running transportation in our cities.

I started Spring to help new, local scooter and bike rental companies get started. It’s straightforwards to run a local scooter rental business, but it’s tough to get the software and hardware you need to get started.

Spring builds software for you so that you can get started at no upfront cost. For hardware, we connect you with leading manufacturers and help you along the process.

As a small operator, you have a responsibility to work with your city government, local businesses, and the local community and you have an opportunity to make money while changing your city for the better.

We are happy to extend a 50% discount for 6 months to any ex-Lime employee starting a business with Spring.

For too long, we’ve seen tech consolidate into big tech companies like Facebook, Lime, and Uber. At Spring, we’re working to empower local businesses. I hope you’ll support us.