New Company — Wheels in Scooter Map

Wheels makes a new kind of scooter with a seat. A couple weeks ago we added Wheels to the rider map. Wheels pays “transporters” to move scooters to better locations. Today, we add Wheels to relocate in Scooter Map! Wheels is live in San Diego and Los Angeles. You can download the Wheels app and … Continue reading New Company — Wheels in Scooter Map

Micromobility Isn’t Rideshare

Why Compare Micromobility to Rideshare? People think about the future of Micromobility (rentable scooters and bikes) in analogies to Ridesharing (Uber and Lyft). Uber and Lyft changed the way we get around cities in less than 10 years after decades of a stable mixture of cars, mass transit, and bikes. So when predicting how Micromobility … Continue reading Micromobility Isn’t Rideshare

Find Lime Scooters to Move in Scooter Map

Lime now has two task types: charge and move. For scooters to charge, you know the drill — take them home, charge them, and then put them out the next morning. For scooters to move, you don’t need to take home the scooter. Instead, you drop off the scooter at a nearby LimeBase. Scooters to … Continue reading Find Lime Scooters to Move in Scooter Map